5 Cities Airbnb can help you explore

Why do you want to travel? Oh well, you just answered the question yourself while looking for destinations to pick…

Gorgeous places, filled with sun and sand or pure white snow, or just a place that is neither too hot nor cold. And yes, we do have places listed for culture lovers, history fans and film festival enthusiasts too.

We have broken it down to places you can visit and an approximate price range to help you while making your budget.

Without much ado, let us tackle a few destinations and give you an idea about what to expect in terms of sight seeing, money, leisure and other essential features of your trip.



Auckland, New Zealand—If you love to sail and want to indulge in some sea breeze. Plan a holiday to visit this beautiful city in New Zealand. And it has great attractions like the Auckland War Memorial Museum, islands and the sky tower. Besides these attractions, you can also shop for local foods and crafts from the Polynesian market.

Entire apartments cost anywhere between 118 to 77 CAD. You can find a loft-style guesthouse minutes away from the active city life for about 87 CAD.

Or, for people who like tons of greenery around them, but like staying close to the city, to laze around cafes, dine in different restaurants a tropical garden studio might be something to consider.


San Juan, Puerto Rico—Who doesn’t like being surrounded by sand and sunshine? Imagine taking a dip in the beach during the day and then going bar/restaurant hopping at sunset. And when you want to take a break from the sandy beaches, visit some colorful Spanish colonial buildings.

Hey, do what you love the most, vacations are all about unloading your stress and living it up.

So then, let’s pound the cobblestone streets and visit some museums, forts, go shopping and take some awesome pictures of those stunning architecture.

Yes, there are Airbnb rentals and they cost $33 for a private bedroom. An entire apartment can cost anything between 131 to $90, depending upon the number of beds.

Besides the regular renting fare there are other stuff to do here. History walk $35, posing for a photographer for a little over #125, or try sunset sailing for $96.

Local hosts lead these and many such activities and you can experience if you wish. (All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars.)


Quebec City, Canada—Heritage, heritage and some more of it. Old Quebec is a French-speaking province in Canada is something we all know. But did you know it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

If you are in a mood to get immersed in some French language and culture, this is the place to visit. Besides this one fact, there are other attractions too.

Well, Quebec is also home to shopping sites, parks, etc.

Think Montmorency Falls Park, or Battlefields Park, or The Citadel, largest British-built fortress in North America and last but not the least is Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre.

Let us explore for nooks to check-in to rest our travel weary limbs.

We are all into showing our love and care for the environment. And, as a traveller, if you want to encourage and be environmentally responsible, you can rent an entire eco studio in Montreal for only 86 CAD.

Besides the cafes and restaurants, there are festivals taking place most of the time.

The price range for entire lofts/studio apartments is anywhere between 100 to over 60 CAD.

If are not a fan of lofts, apartments are available and with two beds, the entire place will costs a little over 50 CAD in this area.

Private rooms with one bed can cost you anywhere from 34 to 54 CAD.

Old Quebec has a price range from 30 to 33 CAD for an entire apartment with one bed.


Saint Petersburg, Russia—If you want to get a feel of Russian culture and visit historical monuments like Winter Palace, a home to Russian Emperors, or a visit to the Hermitage Museum of Art & Culture founded in 1764, try renting places in this part of the world.

What kind of places do you get? One interesting place that caught my eye is a guest house. I am a fan of small cottages and guesthouses. Small means freedom, at least in my mind, my opinion.

For less than 50 CAD, you can rent a private guesthouse.

This guesthouse is in central St Petersburg and easy access to restaurants, malls, park etc. They allow you to bring your pets. No restrictions on any type of animal or bird! Seriously. Guests are allowed to use the backyard and that seems like a huge advantage.

Word of caution though: if you are allergic to pets, then this is not the place for you.

If you are a fan of sea and sand, then you might want to opt for a private double room in a house with a view of the sea, Clearwater Beach to be specific. Costs 52 CAD.

There are also options to live in an entire studio apartment for 53 CAD and they have 2 bedrooms. Just that, it is about 10 minutes drive to Clearwater Beach.


Cannes, France—Yes, the place where they have the international film festival. Want to walk down the Promenade de la Croisette?

You can rent an apartment for 48 € which provides 2 bedrooms. Or if you are looking for an extra bedroom, add another 11 € and you can have a place close to the beach as well as Croisette. Maybe even catch a glimpse of the festival (if going there around that time.

A studio in this popular destination costs around 100 €.

These prices are for the entire place.

Most of these have emphasized on the serenity of the place and that it is close to the Croisette. Basic amenities are included—things like washing machine, kitchen, coffee maker, garage to park your car, etc.

Do you prefer living in style in a villa close to the Croisette? You can get a feel of living in one of their private rooms for 111 euros. Bottom line? There is plenty to pick and choose from.