Beginners Guide – 10 Essentials all hosts need to provide

When guests check out Airbnb listings online, they don’t just scan the pictures. More often than not, they look at the photos closely, trying to see if your AirBnB property provides basic travel essentials. They also do the same upon entering your house or unit. They look for the the things that assures them that it’s going to be a comfortable stay.


As an AirBnB host, it is part of your responsibility to prepare basic travel needs of your host. When guests find the right items in an AirBnB property, it automatically adds to the exceptional experience a host is trying to achieve. Needless to say, this also increases the possibility of getting a high rating from your guests.


Now, the next question on your mind must be: “What do I need to provide for guests?” Here are top 10 essential items to provide your guests to provide them not just comfort of being a home away from home, but even a hotel-like experience:


  1. Towels

When guests travel, they of course will need towels for taking a bath and grooming themselves. Towels, however, are often bulky and take up a lot of luggage space. They often leave towels out when packing, especially those who are travelling on a budget.


This is where you, as an AirBnB host, comes in. You should definitely provide towels for your guests. It would be a disappointing surprise to people if the room won’t have towels in it. It is a guaranteed low rating if you somehow leave towels out from the checklist of basic items to provide your guests.

The most common type of towel to provide is basic bath towel. However, if you want to give your guests an experience comparable to hotels, you can also provide them hand and face towels. Choose the towels that look clean and feel nice to the skin. Also always remember to keep your towels tidy, pleasant smelling, and enough for the number of guests you are accommodating.


  1. Toiletries

Everybody wants to feel clean and well-groomed when travelling whether on business or for pleasure. That is why even most basic toilet supplies will make an impact to the Airbnb guests. On top of your toiletries checklist should be the toilet paper. Don’t just leave rolls of tissue paper that you think will be enough for the duration of your guests’ stay. Provide some extra rolls. You may also want to leave some facial tissue paper to give the impression that your guests’ grooming is your priority too.

Other basic toilet items AirBnB hosts should provide their guests are shampoo and soap. It is advisable that you buy those big bottles from the supermarket so you do not have to resupply every time a new guests come in. These also cost less compared to buying in small amounts. Of course, you should choose the one that smell good and are good on the skin.


If you want to take it a step further, you can also provide small bottles of body lotion, body wash, and other artisanal products that will add a sense of thoughtfulness in a room. Locally made toiletries will be a great touch, too.


  1. Trash Cans

This might sound a little too basic, but some AirBnB hosts leave this out. When guests check in to your property, they will be definitely looking for something to put their trash into, whether they are coming from shopping, a gastronomic tour, or simply throwing random, unnecessary things they find in their bags. It would also give your guests a sense of relief knowing they can dispose their garbage to a proper disposal bin.


Having a lined trash can would ease up your job as host in cleaning the room. Almost all AirBnB guest put premium in cleanliness of the property, so make sure you have a proper system of waste disposal. Leave instructions on segregation if your area have regulations on this matter.


  1. Shower with hot water

What do you usually look for early in the morning to liven up your body, or after a whole day of touring an area? A warm shower. This is why one of the things you should have in your property is a shower with hot water. This isn’t only necessary, but this also gives a rewarding relaxation for every traveler. Showers must be spotless all the times. Have your shower room clean, and you can expect high ratings on cleanliness.


  1. Mirror

A full body mirror just before the room exit door or in the bathroom will be very much appreciated by AirBnB guests. A mirror will always come handy for every trip. How we dress up is usually a big deal for when traveling either for fun or business, so it is always helpful to have a mirror where you can check out if your OOTD is ready, or if you’re already dressed to impress for important meetings.


  1. Cleaning Utensils

AirBnB guests are always looking for a clean place to stay in. That is why it you should also provide them ways to tidy up your property. Sure, cleaning utensils like plungers, detergents and scrubs, can be off putting, but you’d be surprised at how guests are very willing to help clean your unit during their stay, especially if you specify it under. Providing them cleaning materials will encourage them to tidy up the room. After all, it is them that will be enjoying it. You can always charge a cleaning fee if guests are a little aversive to the idea, but you can always talk them to it. Cleanliness is a shared responsibility that both AirBnB hosts and guests can contribute to.


  1. Safety Items

As an AirBnB host, the safety of your guests must always be a priority. This is why you should always place safety items in your unit. Start by preparing a simple first aid kit, with band aids, gauzes, alcohol, disinfectant and basic medicines like antibiotics and painkillers.


You should also have a fire extinguisher in your unit, or at least on the floor where your unit is located. Constantly make sure the fire extinguishers are not expired. Update exit strategies or floor plans. Also have at least brochures or manuals on what to do during emergencies, including the location of the nearest fire exit and extinguisher. Always remember that keeping your guests safe means keeping your property safe as well.


  1. Hooks and Shelves

When guests enter the door of the AirBnB unit they rented, they usually look for a place where to put their luggage and other miscellaneous items. This is why AirBnB hosts should also provide shelves. These simple items will definitely help your guests organize their things. It will also give them a sense of responsibility of maintaining your space clean.


You should also consider installing hooks in your AirBnB unit. As minimal as these hooks seem to be, they provide the maximum convenience for your guests. They can use these to hang their wet garments and towels. They can also use them to keep their bags off the floor. These are little details that relieve guests of thinking where to put their personal items.


  1. Reading and Informative Materials

One way to welcome your guests to your country, especially if they come from overseas, is to provide them informative materials about the country that they are in. Providing travel books and guides will help make your AirBnB guests easier, more informative and exciting.


One thing you can provide your guests is a tourist map of your area. You can also provide them with a translation dictionary because it’s commonly forgotten and having it in your room will surely come in handy. These items will not only help your guests outside your room but also inspire them to immerse deeper into the culture of your country. For most guests travelling for leisure, that authentic experience is what really matters.


  1. Reliable Contact Information

Lastly, the harmonious relationship between the guest and the host importantly relies on their clear communication. Aside from the contact information initially provided, you may want to message guests from time to time on how they can contact you. Reassure to them that your end of communication is clear and easily accessible.


This will give them the five-star hotel feel of any internationally recognized hotel brand, where guest services is king. Hospitality is free but not all hosts can provide a truly warm welcome to their hosts. The guests will remember how were they treated and how they felt communicating with you more than the room itself. Be fun and approachable. Be flexible but assertive. Remember that as AirBnB host, you will be rated based on your communication skills too. Responsiveness to queries and a great guest experience is a seal of excellence, and will guarantee you a high rating after their stay.

There are many things that you can provide your future guests. They don’t have to be too grand. What’s more important is that you provide the most basic ones to ensure that your AirBnB guests are comfortable during your stay. The last thing you would want guests to feel is that something is lacking in your property. Also always remember that guests love unique and authentic touch to these items. A little personal touch to these basic travel essentials makes their stay even more unforgettable.