Top 5 Things Guests Hate

AirBnB hosts are often fixated on thinking of
ways to make a good impression their guests. Of course, the goal of being a
host is to have as many bookings as possible for your listing, which will
ensure a steady flow of income from your property. This can only be
accomplished if you keep your guests happy and satisfied, which will guarantee positive
feedback and high ratings from them.

It is equally important, however, to shift your
thinking once in a while and ask yourself this question: What are the things
that AirBnB guests hate? What can possibly annoy your potential visitors? It is
necessary to anticipate what might disappoint and even irritate your visitors,
so you can avoid them.

Below is a list of top five things that AirBnB
guests absolutely hate. However, we won’t stop there. We will also give you
tips on how to prevent these things that guests dislike from actually happening
to you.


1. Misleading photos and descriptions on the listing

Among the top things that annoy AirBnB guests
are listings that tend to send a wrong impression on the guests. One of most
common complaints of AirBnB users is that photos posted by hosts do not reflect
the actual property. Some outdated pictures on the listing might make it appear
that the condominium unit or the apartment is squeaky clean, but in reality,
there are stains and dust everywhere. Other photos might also make it seem that
the property is spacious, but upon arrival, guests might realize that it is
actually a tight fit.

One more thing that AirBnB guests hate about
listings and when important information is withheld from them. A good example
is when a property is on a higher floor, but there’s no elevator in the
building. Some listings may also tend not to mention that the location of the
property is noisy, much to the dismay of AirBnB guests who travelled for some
rest and relaxation.

How can all of these unlikable instances be
prevented? Here’s one simple tip: be transparent about your listing. If guests
will have to take the stairs to reach your AirBnB property, then say so. If
your apartment unit’s shower heater is not working properly, warn your
potential customers about it. It’s really all about letting your guests know,
so they will know what they signed up for, and can prepare for any hiccups.

Another good thing to do is to take quality
photos of all the rooms of your property. The more photos you can post on your
listing, the better. This will allow your possible clients to closely examine
your property, and see for themselves if it fits their taste and needs.
Remember, do not ever fool your guests. Doing this does not accomplish
anything, and may result in bad reviews and fewer bookings.


2. Hosts who don’t respond promptly

Here’s another thing that commonly tick off
most AirBnB guests: unresponsive hosts. It is indeed very frustrating to have
booked a property whose owner is almost always unreachable. What if the
check-in procedure does not work? Or what if you get lost and cannot find the
property? Worse, what if the air-conditioning unit is not working properly on a
sweltering day? An absentee AirBnB host is not one a guest will wish for.

As an AirBnB host, you are not expected to be
online or on-call all the time. What you can do is to establish a clear line of
communication with your guest. Provide your visitor with at least two ways to
contact you – be it your local number, your email address or via an online
messenger like Viber and WhatsApp. Share to your guests these ways to best
communicate with you. Also always try to respond as promptly as you can
whenever they have an inquiry. Remember that you are also being evaluated based
on your communication skills, so you better put your best foot forward.


3. Confusing Directions

Imagine you are an AirBnB guest who just came
off from an exhausting long-haul flight, and then getting lost in an unfamiliar
place because of unclear directions provided by host. This will definitely
result in hot heads and will ruin a vacation from the get go. Another thing
that AirBnB guests absolutely hate is confusing directions on how to get to the
property. Visitors should be able to find their AirBnB easily, and looking for
it should not take up much of their time and energy.

There is an easy way to prevent this issue with
your AirBnB guests. As a host, you should come up with a clear map pointing to
the location of your property. Also use reference points which can be easily
spotted so that your guests will not have any difficulty finding your property.
Take pictures of the streets and buildings around place if you have to and show
it to your guests. The more visual, the better!

To make things even easier for you and your
guest, why not offer an airport pick-up service? This will ensure that your
visitor will be conveniently dropped off right at the doorsteps of your
property. You can also earn some extra cash by doing this.


4. Dirty Rooms

AirBnB guests are also particularly unforgiving
about this particular complaint. Nobody would want to stay even for a night in
a place that is dusty and messy. Dirt, thrash, clutter and insects like flies
and cockroaches have no place in an AirBnB property. Visitors can also be
meticulous about tiny details about cleanliness. They can spot and very much
hate hair on the sink, soot on the windowsills and particulate matter blocking
the air-conditioning unit.

The best way not to have this issue is to of
course constantly clean your apartment, condominium unit or house. Make it a
habit to at least sweep or use a vacuum cleaner on your floor, and clean the
toilet before letting an AirBnB guest check in. Also check your shower for
rust, your ceiling for cobwebs, and your cabinets and drawers for dust at least
once a week. If you don’t have much time to take charge of the cleaning yourself,
it is highly advisable that you hire someone to do it for you. Cleanliness is
of paramount importance in every property, and you can’t give your AirBnB
guests anything less, especially because some of your visitors may be allergic
to dust or dirt.

The cleanliness of your property is not your
sole responsibility. You can ask your guests to help you keep your place spick
and span. Make sure to have garbage bins and leave clear instructions on how to
dispose and segregate the trash. You may also want to leave dishwashing soap
and a sponge by the sink, so that your guests can help clean up any utensil
that they will use during their stay.


5. Appliances and equipment that are not functioning

Another sure way to get a low rating as an
AirBnB host is to have malfunctioning appliances and pieces of equipment in
your property. Guests always find it frustrating when they can’t get the TV or
the air-conditioning unit or the heater on. Visitors also hate it when they
don’t know how to operate the washing machine or kitchen equipment, especially
when instructions on the appliances are written using a foreign language.
AirBnB customers also always want to make sure that the WiFi is working and
they have the password for access.

Well, it’s quite easy avoid guests having
trouble with your appliances. The best way to go about this is to have a clear
guidebook on how equipment in your property works. Provide easy-to-follow
instructions on how to turn on appliances. It is also important to inform them
when some of the equipment in your house are out of order and needs to be
repaired, so that your guests will no longer use them and accidents can be

It is important to know the top five things
that your AirBnB guests hate so that you can avoid them. These issues that
visitors dislike are very easy to prevent. You just have to always prioritize
the convenience and comfort of your guests.