Top 5 ways to ensure 5 star reviews

The pinnacle of being an AirBnB host is getting that coveted five-star review. Sure, the financial gain from hosting is a great incentive, but nothing feels better than receiving straight five-star ratings in all six AirBnB categories, from cleanliness and value to communication and accuracy. It’s like hitting the jackpot. It is also a great affirmation that you’re doing a good job as an AirBnB, and also a clear indication that your guests were very satisfied with their stay in your property.

So how do you get five stars in your reviews? It’s not really rocket science. It is all about focusing on aspects that will satisfy and even impress your AirBnB guests. Here are top five simple things you can do to help you get five-star reviews as an AirBnB host:


  1. Be Responsive.

Responsiveness is one of the top traits that an AirBnB hosts should have and that guests are looking for. Whether they are travelling for leisure or for business, guests would like to save their precious time and get quick responses from their AirBnB host. Your responsiveness should start with the booking process. Reply as quickly as possible to inquiries about your property from prospective guests. It is a total no-no for hosts to make their guests wait for hours for an answer to their inquiries. You might end up losing potential guests if you do not respond to them immediately, given the stiff competition and the variety of options with AirBnB.

Even when guests are already checked in your AirBnB property, it is still imperative for a host to attend to their urgent matters. It is a must to establish an effective communication line with your guests. Provide them with your contact details, be it your cellphone number, email or via messaging app. It’s also advisable to turn on your notifications so that you can be quickly prompted if your guest is trying to contact you.

Bear in mind that AirBnB closely tracks how quickly you respond to your guests. The goal is to reply to your guests within an hour or less, and to keep your response rate at 100 percent, meaning you should not ignore any inquiry made by your customers. These might sound like difficult tasks, but with efficiency and practice, you will surely get those five stars in communication and overall experience.


  1. Be honest.

Yes, honesty is still the best policy, even for an AirBnB host. Remember that you are being rated for the accuracy of your property posting, so your listing must be clear and concise. It’s all about managing the expectations of your guests. List down only the amenities that you can provide. There is no point publicizing an amenity you do not have, because you will only disappoint your guest, which will result in a negative review.

It is always better to be forthright with your guests about the limitations of your property. If your unit does not have an elevator, you should inform your guests that they will have to climb up a flight of stairs, and that they may have trouble if they have heavy luggage. If your unit’s location is far from public transportation options, you should say that in your listing, and suggest the best way to go to your property. By being fortright, guests will at least know what they are signing up for and can adjust accordingly.

It’s also good to reassure your guests that they can reach out to you if ever some of your their expectations of your property are not met, and that you will resolve these possible issues as much as you can. The bottom line is that an honest listing has a better chance of getting five star-reviews, than a glowing one with impossible promises that will only disappoint guests.


  1. Be a cleanliness freak.

The comfort and satisfaction of your AirBnB guests is heavily dependent on the cleanliness of your property. Your house or your unit should be spic and span the entire time when you have guests checked in. Nothing is more dissatisfying and annoying for guests than to stay at a dirty and messy place, so you have to make sure that every part of your property is squeaky clean.

Cleanliness in your AirBnB property is not much of a tall order as you think. You can tidy up your place through simple steps. Start by providing trash bins for your guests that are big enough to accommodate their garbage. Provide clear instructions on segregation and disposal. It is also recommended that you invest on a deodorizer or an air freshener to keep your place smelling place.

The cleanliness of your bathroom can make our break your reviews, so make it is free from dirt, marks and stains. Remove stray hair and soap scum from the shower area. Also make sure that the drainage in the sink, the bath tub and the shower area are working properly. If you can’t do all of these things yourself, you might want to look at hiring a cleaner. Sure, this will entail additional costs, but keeping your place spotlessly clean is a surefire way to get those five-star reviews.


  1. Be proactive.

A topnotch AirBnB host does not wait for guests to ask for things they need. Being proactive about your guests’ needs is a definite way to receive five-star reviews. A simple first step you can take towards being more hospitable is this: reach out to your guest a few days before check in and ask if they have questions or special requests. This will surely give an impression to your guests that you are attentive to their needs. You might even want to send them a weather forecast in your area to help them prepare accordingly.

Follow this up by contacting your guests a few hours after they check in to ask if things are going smoothly. For guests who are staying for longer periods of time, it is also recommended that you check on them once in a while to check on their needs. Perhaps you can refer a cleaner or a nearby laundry service to guests with longer stays. It’s always best to keep your thinking caps on as an AirBnB host, and constantly ask yourself what your guests might need—even before they ask you for help.


  1. Be extra!

A top-rated AirBnB host is always willing to go the extra mile for his or her guests. Giving only the bare minimum to your customers will not get you those five-star reviews. Because competition is tough on AirBnB, you should always think of ways to give your property an advantage over other listings.

A simple tip that can help you capture those coveted five-star reviews is providing Netfix access to your guests. Other properties may have smart TV sets, but having access to this popular streaming service will definitely impress your guests, especially those who just want to stay in, chill and enjoy a staycation. A Netflix subscription does not cost much. The basic one is only $10—an amount that will definitely be worth it once you get those five-star reviews.

Another way to give your AirBnB property an extra wow factor is by providing simple and affordable food items to your guests. You can leave a box of cereals in your fridge so that your guests can have an easy-to-eat breakfast option. You can also do something that hotels do: giving free packets of tea or coffee to their guests. If you’re feeling a little more generous, you can place a coffee maker in your unit, and provide some coffee beans that are ready for brewing. These simple things will certainly help you achieve five-star reviews.

Hosting an AirBnB property is really all about hospitality and value-for-money service. Always bear these two things in mind and make them your guiding principles, and you’re undoubtedly on your way to getting five-star reviews.