Top 5 Simple Items Airbnb Guests Love

How do I impress my AirBnB guests? How do I make my place more appealing to them? How do I make their stay more satisfying? How do I get better reviews?

These are only some of the questions that AirBnB hosts always have in mind. Due to stiff competition from other accommodation options, AirBnB hosts tend to think of ways to give their properties an edge. It is a constant challenge for an AirBnB host to keep adding something special in his or her place—or in marketing terms, a unique selling proposition.

When you come to think of it, however, these nagging questions can easily be answered by thinking about this basic statement: What are the things that AirBnB guests love? It’s as simple as identifying the little things that guests would like to have in your unit or your house. You’d be surprised to know that usually, the things that AirBnB guests love are not extravagant pleasures. It’s the simple joys that count.

Here are top five things that AirBnB guests love that you should definitely add to your property:


  1. Free Local Snacks

Imagine you are an AirBnB guest who has just gotten off from an exhausting long-haul flight to your country of destination. What better way to be cheered up than to see freebies upon entering your AirBnB? Some AirBnB hosts might think that this suggestion is an unnecessary additional expense, but the free local snacks you will offer to your guest does not need to be expensive. You can just offer a small locally made chocolate bar, or a bag of chips. Others might even prefer giving AirBnB guests some local coffee beans, a small pack of juice or a bottle of wine to help them relax and ease into your property.

If you want to take it a step further, you might want to consider preparing a simple welcome basket for your AirBnB guests. Aside from snack items, this basket can include stuff that will be useful throughout the stay of your guests, such as a list of must-see attractions nearby. You can also place a simple keepsake there such as a ref magnet or a keychain so that they can have something that will remind them of their stay in your AirBnB property.

Again, these simple offerings do not have to leave a hole in your pocket. It’s all about creativity and thinking of affordable ways to impress your guest.


  1. Local Menu and Pamphlets

Whenever AirBnB guests go on vacation, they surely would also want to sample the local cuisine. One of the first things they will think of upon arrival in a foreign place is where they can eat. This is where you, as an AirBnB host, can offer some much needed help. Collecting menus and pamphlets from local restaurants and then leaving these in an organized way in your property is a good idea to assist your guests who want some gastronomical adventure in your area.

Want to do something a little more extra? You can come up with a list of must-try restaurants around your AirBnB property that guests would want to try. You can also invest on a book about local cuisine and leave it in your unit or house so that guests will have a better idea on what food items to try. Indeed, the best way to your AirBnB guests’ house is through their stomachs.


  1. Full-Length Mirror

This is one of the most uncommon items you would think to get for your room or house, but this is something that your AirBnB guest will love. Guests usually put their best foot forward in terms of dressing up when they travel, whether it’s for business or it’s for leisure. Tourists would like to showcase their best outfits for social media, while business travelers want to dress to impress. A full-length mirror in your AirBnB property will definitely help your guests in choosing their fashion statements during their vacation. Some properties only provide small bathroom mirrors, and that’s a disadvantage for guests who would like to see their head-to-toe look. It is therefore very advisable that you place a full-body mirror to give your property an extra amenity.


  1. Gadget Accessories

Travelling is now unimaginable without bringing different gadgets – from smartphones to tablets and cameras. Having gadget accessories in your AirBnB will definitely be appreciated by your guests. Start by providing an electrical adapter. This affordable small piece of electrical supply will certainly be handy for tourists, especially if you are from a place where there are uncommon power plugs. Another thing that your AirBnB guests will surely is a charging cable. Batteries of gadgets are usually drained after a day of travel, so having a charging cable or two in your property – one for Android and another for iPhone – will absolutely satisfy your guests.

If you’re feeling more generous, you can also provide a portable charger that your guests can borrow during their stay. You can also place a Bluetooth speaker in your unit if you want to target millennials who like listening to lively music. Of course, just remind your guests to be cautious in handling these gadgets.


  1. Extra Bathroom Supplies

Most AirBnB guests usually just provide the basic bathroom supplies, such as soap and shampoo, to their guests. But why give the usual when you can go the extra mile? A bathroom fixture that AirBnB guests, especially female ones, usually look for is a hair dryer. To complete your hair care equipment, you may also want to provide a hair straightener, or even a hair curler. This will undoubtedly give your property a five-star hotel appeal.

In terms of bath items that AirBnB guests love, you can give your guest some essential oils or bath salts, especially if your property has a bath tub. Another simple bathroom item that will be appreciated by your guests is a pack of makeup removal wipes. These wipes are quite cheap, and are easily available in convenience stores.

Want to take your AirBnB hosting skills a notch higher? Provide some bathrobes to your guests. These items are cozy and comforting, and your guests will surely thank you for giving them a luxury treatment during their stay.

These are just some of the things that AirBnB guests absolutely love. Remember that as a host, your task is not just to provide the very basic items to your guests. You want their stay in your property to be as comfortable and memorable as possible. So what are you waiting for? Grab these special items now, and you’re on your way to becoming a better AirBnB host.