Quick Checklist for Airbnb Hosts

Kitchen Essentials

– Plenty of pots and pans

– Plenty of plates, glasses, mugs and silverware

– Pot pads to place hot pans on to protect your table surfaces

– Oven mitts, tea towels, dishcloth, can opener

– Coffee maer and tea kettle

– Water filter or bottled water

– Microwave cover, preferably made of glass

– Chopping board that is not discolored by frequent use might makes a good impression

– Plenty of extra trash bags

– Trash and Recycling cans that are clearly marked

– Grilling tools if you offer an outdoor grill


Guest Bedroom Essentials

– Clean sheets are top priority

– Bedside/reading lamp, humidifiers, aroma diffusers

– Facial tissues (this one should be in all your rooms)

– Hangers in the closets

– Working space or desk

– Clean rugs add warmth

– Nightstand on either side of the bed

– Alarm clock in working condition

– Dresser essentials can include a mirror, fresh flowers, hand lotion


Guest Bathroom Essentials

– Cleanliness is key

– Clean shower curtains

– Clean floor mats throughout so the guest can avoid the cold floor

– Filter to prevent drains from clogging

– Empty trash can

– Large, liquid soaps, body gel, shampoo and conditioner

– First aid kit that is fully refilled


Living area essentials

– Entrance should be free of clutter and inviting

– Décor should be easy on the eye and give a sense of comfort

– Cushions on the couch/sofa should be coordinated, inviting and clean

-.Coasters of varying sizes will protect your tabletops from stains

– Plenty of lighting

– Easy access to remote controls with fresh batteries


For all of these rooms and items, cleanliness is the most critical factor. Ensure that everything is clean and welcoming and you should have a great experience. Let us know your essentials to ensure a great guest experience.